Monday, 21 November 2011

Maintenance Tips for Laptop LCD Screen

The laptop screens are quite brittle and their replacement will cost much more than that of laptop batteries or ac adapters. That’s why, the protection or maintenance of your laptop LCD screen become quite necessary. Following are some helpful maintenance tips for your laptop LCD Screen.

Buy a Protective Film for Your Laptop LCD Screen

Using protective films is one of the great ways to protect the LCD Screen of your laptop. A good quality laptop screen protective film not only protects your laptop screen from the dust particles but it also safeguards your laptop LCD screen from the scratches.  

Never Touch Your Laptop LCD Screen with Your Fingers

Never tough the LCD Screen of your laptop with your fingers because it can leave your finger prints on your laptop screen and make it look dirty.  Moreover, your nails are likely to cause permanent scratches on your laptop LCD screen and damage it. The most common laptop screens damage is dead-pixels. 

Adjust the Brightness of Your Laptop Screen According to the Room Light

Adjusting the brightness of your laptop screen according to the room light can effectively extend the life of your laptop screen. 

Never Put Heavy Objects on Your Laptop 

Certain laptop cases are too plastic based. Hence they don’t provide enough protection to your laptop LCD screen. You should never place heavy objects on your laptop and avoid putting additional pressure on it since it can damage your Laptop LCD Screen. 

Don’t Exposure Your Laptop LCD Screen to Direct Sunlight

Always protect your laptop screen from the direct sunlight because long term exposure to sunlight can increase the temperature of your laptop LCD screen and thus accelerating its aging. 

Although there are many other methods to protect your laptop LCD screen, but if you follow these basic maintenance tips, you can save the costs of finding a laptop screen replacement or even buying a new laptop. 

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