Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Best Way to Clean Your Laptop LCD Screen

Laptop LCD Screens are very sensitive and need special care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their surface. You are advised to use a good quality laptop screen cleaner to clean your laptop LCD Screen.  

A commercial laptop screen cleaner ensures that your laptop screen is cleaned properly without scratching its surface. However, before you buy a laptop screen cleaner, don’t forget to check its user reviews as this will help you in choosing the best quality products.   
Buying a complete kit for cleaning your laptop LCD screen is also great way. Although, they are a bit expensive than a bottle of commercial laptop screen cleaner, but you will get all necessary items that you need for cleaning your laptop screen in this kit. A laptop screen cleaning kit usually comes with a pair of laptop screen cleaners and different types of wipes. Sometimes, they are also available with a brush or cleaning pad. Microfiber cloth and wipes are the most common tools of all laptop screen cleaning kits because they clean the laptop screens without scratching its surfaces that a rough cloth usually does.  

Correct Method of Using a Commercial Laptop Screen Cleaner

Read entire product manual before using the commercial laptop screen cleaner. This will help you in using the right amount of laptop screen cleaning solution so that you can get best results without damaging your laptop screen surface. Once you have read it carefully, clean your laptop LCD screen with a dry soft cloth that comes with the kit. 

Never spray the cleaning solution directly on your laptop screen. Instead, spray it on the microfiber cloth and clean your laptop screen in a gentle way. Now finish the procedure by wiping off the screen with soft wipes that comes with the commercial laptop screen cleaning kit. 

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