Sunday, 20 November 2011

How to Fix Common Laptop LCD Screen Problems?

Laptop LCD Screens are likely to breakages. Having problems with your Laptop LCD Screens can be disturbing or upsetting as it leaves you without such useful gadget you depend so much on.  But damaged or malfunctioning Laptop Screen doesn’t ever mean that you need to buy a new laptop. Based on the type of Laptop LCD Screen problem, the process of your laptop screen repair can be quite simple. 

“Faulty Pixels” is one of the most common problems that your Laptop LCD Screen is likely to have. Faulty Pixels are basically white or black or colored spots that you can notice on your Laptop LCD Screen. Although, these faulty pixels don’t affect the normal functioning of your laptop LCD Screen but they can be quite distracting when you are working on your laptop. The good news is that you can repair these “Faulty Pixels” by turning them On & Off continuously at very fast speed. You can repair the “Faulty Pixels” of your laptop by using certain “Faulty Pixel Repairing” software.  

Flicker or stripes on your laptop display may not be a problem with your laptop LCD screen itself; however it can be due to some malfunctioning of your computer. The easiest way to check this is to connect your Laptop with an external monitor. If you still see flicker or stripes on the external monitor, then of course, your Laptop LCD Screen is working find and something is wrong with your laptop itself.  You can fix this issue by either by repairing your video card or replacing the cable that connects your Laptop LCD Screen to the system board. 

In case, you are not unable to repair your Laptop LCD Screen yourself, you are advised to replace it with a new Laptop LCD Screen because replacing the malfunctioning laptop screen with a new one is much more easy and affordable than repairing the malfunctioning laptop screen itself. is a leading online store that specializes exclusively in the sale of new laptop LCD Screens. 

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