Monday, 24 October 2011

Laptop Screen Removal Guide

Before you decide to replace your malfunctioning laptop screen with the new one, make sure to check it carefully. This will help you in identifying the potential problems that are causing the display problems with your laptop screen. Also, this will help you in finding in finding the correct replacement screen number so that you can buy a correct LCD screen for your laptop. 

Before you remove your laptop screen, make sure to cut off the power supply to your laptop and remove the battery. You don’t need any sophisticated tools to do this job. All you need it two screw drivers, one a Phillips head screwdriver and other a small flat head screwdriver. You will use these two screwdrivers to remove the screws and screws of your laptop LCD Screen. 

Now you need to remove the bezel. The bezel is basically the rubber that is spam around your laptop screen. You just need to remove the screws, place your fingers at the bottom of your Laptop LCD screens and remove the bezel gently. You must be very careful when you work around the edge of your laptop screen until the entire bezel. Now you just need to tilt your laptop screen forward, remove it from the plastic shell right behind it. 

At this point, you need to check if your laptop screen having a connection problem. Usually, laptop screens start malfunctioning because of a broken cable or a loose cable. If your laptop screen is malfunctioning due to a broken cable or loose cable, you just need to fix this issue rather than buying a new laptop screen; however, if they all cables are connected properly, you need to buy a new LCD Screen for your Laptop.  

Look carefully for the part number on the back of your laptop screen and write it down on the piece of paper. This number will help you in finding the correct screen for your laptop. You can buy the replacement screen for your laptop from the very luxury of your own home. Just visit Store.Daily-Mart dot com, enter the laptop screen part number, fill-up the order form and make the payment online, your laptop screen will be delivered at your doorstep just in a few days.

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