Saturday, 22 October 2011

Laptop Screen Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Laptop Screen Cleaning Tips
  • Never clean your Laptop screen when your laptop is turned off.
  • Make sure that your laptop screen is dry when you are cleaning it. 
  • Always use a good quality laptop screen cleaning solution. If you don’t want to buy it, you can alternatively use isopropyl alcohol and water mixture in the 1:1 ratio. Caution: Isopropyl alcohol is an inflammable liquid. So you use never spray it directly on the Laptop screen. 
  • Always use a microfiber cloth to clean your laptop screen.
  • Never use those cleaning solutions which include ammonia, acetone, ethyl acid, ethyl alcohol or toluene because such cleaning may damage your laptop screen permanently.
Laptop Screen Maintenance Tips:
  • Never put any heavy material on your laptop.
  • While using a laptop carrying bag, make sure that it is not over-stuffed.
  • Avoid putting additional pressure on your laptop carrying bag.
  • Never scratch twist or hit the screen of your laptop.
  • Keep your laptop screen away from extreme temperature and humidity.
  • Protect your laptop screen from direct sunlight or strong fluorescent light for long time periods.
  • Protect your laptop from hard physical shocks.
  • Marks or stains can appear on your laptop screen for many reasons. For example, your laptop screen can get marks or stains because of the pointing stick, palm rest or from key tops of your laptop keyboard when the carrying bag is pressed from the outside.

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